Chemist consultation services include application development and application customization
Capture competitive price via manufacture direct
JLS Chemical offers a consolidated supplier base for all your flame retardant needs
Chemist consultation is available for all clients. (All our Chemists have PhDs from respectable institutions.)
U.S. based customer service and logistics to ensure client needs are satisfied
JLS Chemical has made it our business to be the global leader in safety and environmental stewardship. At JLS, we have created a new application that meets the cable industry needs.
The application characteristic is low in density, efficient-processing, excellent mechanical properties, excellent flame retardancy, and a superb price to performance ratio relative to the Aluminum Magnesium Hydroxide.
JLS Chemical is a global manufacturer for industrial and commercial purpose flame retardants. The company’s comprehensive customer service, environmental stewardship, and cutting-edge innovation have transformed JLS Chemical into a worldwide non halogenated flame retardant producer.
At JLS Chemical, our strengths are our clients. Customers provide JLS Chemical the milestones, and in return, we offer the solutions.
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